Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer

Transfer MP3, WMA, AAC(.m4a) music files to Nintendo DS.
(7/6/2011, Ver3.1 released)

How to use 'Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer'

Drag & Drop Only!


If you want to download from, click here.

The password is here.

I have developed software to transfer MP3, WMA, AAC(.m4a) music files to Nintendo DS.

This software is a donationware (very similar to freeware, but I welcome your donation).
Although this software displays a message for asking your donation, you can use its full functionality without making a donation.

How to use:
1. Insert the SD memory card of NINTENDO DS to your PC.
2. Drag & drop the music files that you wish to transfer as shown below:
How to use 'Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer'

That's it! Very easy!


Run NintendoDsEasyMusicTransferVer3_1.exe.

(Please be sure to check "Create shortcut on desktop" on installation.)

- This software is for Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, and Nintendo 3DS.
- How to make MP3 files from Audio CDs is explained here. "Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer" recommends MP3/128kbps.
- If you see the message "The memory card of DS not found," please insert the memory card into DS and start "Nintendo DSi Camera," take a photo, and save it to the memory card. By doing so, the memory card is formatted for Nintendo DS. You can now transfer music using "Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer."
- If you cannot play the music properly, check(uncheck) "KDH mode" and try again.
- If you need msvbvm60.dll, please download msvbvm60.dll and save it to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\.
- To change the setting, you can also right click and select "send to" music files using "Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer."
- You can convert and transfer multiple music files simultaneously to Nintendo DS using "Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer."
- Some MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG, and 3GP files can also be transferred with "Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer." However, their video parts are not transferred. Only the music parts are transferred.
- This software converts music files to AAC(.m4a)(sampling rate 44.1kHz, bitrate 128kbps).
- "Windows Media Audio Lossless" files can not be converted. Please use "Windows Media Audio(128kbps)" instead.

Please insert a hyperlink to your webpage to obtain the password.

I have inserted a hyperlink from the URL to this webpage.
Please input 2468 to the right box(virus protection)

So, please send the password to the mail address .

Hyper-link example:


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