Mobile Dice(arbitrary random number generator)

You can select which coffee beans or presents you buy. You can select any random question and solve it, and thus prepare for an exam by repeating this process.

This is an Android/iPhone/iPad application.
Install --> Android, or iPhone/iPad.

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This application shows an arbitrary random number. You can change the range of numbers.

Initially, the range is from 1 to 6; hence, the application can be used as a dice.

You can change the range of numbers, so you can also use this as a roulette.
Suppose you have to take an exam soon.
Set the minimum value as 86 and the maximum value as 142, and click "Dice."
The questions from No.86 to No.142 of the workbook will be visible.
After you solve the questions, click "Dice" again.
By repeating this process till the exam begins, you can get a lot of practice("last worthless struggle?").

Consider the following scenarios:

You cannot decide which ice cream you eat at Baskin-Robbins.
Set the maximum value to 32 and "dice."
You may find new tasty ice cream with "Mobile Dice."

When you want different coffee beans and you cannot decide which beans you buy,
why don't you let "Mobile Dice" decide the beans?

I have an HDD video recorder.
I often collect recorded video titles.
In such a scenario, change the minimum and maximum values and click "Dice."
Now, watch the video title of the number proposed by "Mobile Dice."

When you cannot decide which present you buy,
why don't you let "Mobile Dice" decide the present through inputting the product numbers on a catalogue book?

I love maps.
Set the page numbers to the minimum and maximum values and click "Dice."
Now, enjoy looking at the map on the page number proposed by "Mobile Dice."
Sometimes, you can actually travel to that place and enjoy.

There are many other (?) ways to use "Mobile Dice" similar to the ones described here.

This is an Android/iPhone/iPad application; hence, please search "Mobile Dice" in the Android Market or App Store, and download it.
Or, install from Android Market, or App Store.
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